Cheapest motherboard compatible with amd fx 8350 and gtx 680

I recently upgraded from an fx 4100 processor to a fx 8350, but found that my motherboard does not support my processor, so while the processor should be running at 4.0 GHz, it's running at 2.81 GHz. I am looking to upgrade my motherboard to something that is compatible to my
Processor: Amd fx 8350
Graphics card:gtx 680
Please help, thank you!
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    ASUS M5A97, or the better M5A99..
  2. Gam3r01 said:
    ASUS M5A97, or the better M5A99..

    These have the pcie16x slots for my gtx 680?
  3. yes buddy, they do have PCI-Express x16 slots and nothing to worry. Will run your build smoothly. And make sure to install latest motherboard drivers from manufacturer website and GPU drivers from nvidia after you get it.
    Good luck :)
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