PC restarts whenever I open the browser or play any games


My name is Kiran , I have windows 7 on my PC, whenever I open a browser and toggle the tabs the screen freezes and the computer screen goes blank with the monitor light flashing . I can see that the CPU is still on but no response . It just keeps beeping . I will then have to press the restart button which comes with a screen stating 'Restart windows normally' . Note sure what the problem is . Can anyone help me please .
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  1. Perhaps it's overheating. Maybe it's time to check your cpu temperature.
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    It just keeps beeping. Is it a regular beep, or a certain amount of beeps, pause, then the same amount of beeps again? I'd also say overheating or you could have a bad RAM modules. You can get memtest+ for that, and temp monitors for the other.

    Is this a laptop or desktop?
  3. Try cleaning your PC,same thing happened to me because of overheating
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