Issues with New Build; freezing, powering on, off, on again

I am having an issue with my new build. When I turn it on, it will power on for a couple seconds and power off and power up again and boot. This rarely happens, usually just the first time I power up after the PC has been sitting. The other issue that I'm having is random freezes. Again, I can't get it to replicate; I ran 3 hours of Prime95 today with no issues, went to look something up online and it froze...

What I have done:
-reseated the cpu cooler (noctua)
-Reinstalled Windows 7
-Reinstalled drivers
-Updated drivers for mobo and gpu
-Windows 7 Memory test
-reseated all connections
-Contacted mobo manufacturer (blamed the psu)
-Contacted PSU manufacturer (blamed mobo)
-Contacted memory manufacturer (didn't help at all)

Not sure where to go next. I have access to another psu, I will try that tomorrow. Any other suggestions?

System Specs:
-Intel i5 4670k
-Asus Z87-Pro
-(2x4GB) GSkill ripjaws x-series 1600mhz
-Gigabyte GTX 770OC 2Gb
-Corsair CX750 PSU
-Samsung 840 120GB SSD (Boot)
-WD HDD 1TB (Storage)
-Noctua NH-D14

Stuffed in an Antec 1100
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  1. Freeze screams out to me RAM. If you have more than one stick of ram try just one at a time in each slot and then another rinse wash repeat till you've tried all of them and see if it fails on a particular stick or socket. I have had all the memory scanning programs pass a batch of sticks and still had one randomly crash a system. I've had all the programs scan and pass a batch of sticks and still have them randomly BSOD my PC or freeze or crash to black, don't trust software to tell you your hardware is ok. I have also had a random 4 port USB extension short out my USB block at random and provide a random crash. My best suggestion after the mem switch would be to unplug all unessential hardware, printers, cables, on-board front panel usb ports, on-board audio connections everything that doesn't need to be plugged in to run the computer, down to bare bones, run it for a while and see if you can produce the freeze(if you it still freezes at this point you got some bad hardware odds being), if not try plugging in the other components one at a time and running it for a while with each new component until you can single out the problem.
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