HDD/SSD/MOBO problems causing BSOD

Hello, i was wondering if anyone on these forums could help me, i know the thread title is very very vague but thats because i have no idea what is wrong with the computer:/

when starting the computer it says "detecting drives done; none detected" or something along those lines, it then tries to start windows and i get a bsod

Motherboard asus sabertoothr2.0
Storage devices : Kingston 120GB SSD
and an hitachi HDD 360 GB
gpu gtx 760
cpu fx 8350
psu corsair cx750m


Edit; I'm aware my cable management skills don't exist, but for now i'd like it running before looking better :p

and does anyone know if my cpu temps are too high, i would expect them to be alot lower considering the system isnt really doing much.
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  1. No idea what i did, however it is booting off the HDD but not the SSD it also reads and finds both (in windows) still says none detected upon turning on

    this is still a problem though as my anti virus and other things are on my ssd

    Edit: now booting off SSD still not seeing drive on start up i can deal with it.
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