How can I turn a Netgear wireless router in to a wireless adapter

i resantly got a new pc but the wireless card i had for it was crap and can not reach my router...its to weak and i dont want to spend the extra money to get a brand spankin new card... so i found a Netgear WGR614v9 wireless router and was wondering how i can convert this to a adapter via firmware update or what have you... my plan is to plus this in to my tower as a adapter to connect to my network and avoid having to running 40+ feet of ethernet....
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  1. First there are powerline, which cost money, but performs better than wireless
    Second I think you can make WGR614v9 into a repeater without custom firmware

    Repeater will expand your wireless range and basically make the second router act as a signal sender within the same network to boost its range.
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