Comp randomly freezing, not recognizing ssd.

Hello everyone, i have a issue i cant seem to figure out. Currently what is going on is my computer will randomly freeze and i would need to power off and on. If i try and reboot it wont rexognize my hard drive. It occurs randomly sometimes quickly other times after a few hours of use.

Ive gone thru 2 different type of ram testing software. Ive tried reinstalling windows on both drives seperarely, new cables for connections. Installed a new gpu. Downloaded firmware for ssd drive as i found out my model would cause a similar problem once it reach a certain amount of hrs.

Both ram test came back fine. And all restarts and reinstalled windows did not solve the issue.

I have run out od ideas and I'm hoping someone here can shed some light.

My specs

4770k i7
16g g-skill ripjaw 1600
Asrock z84 extreme 4
M4 crucial 120g ssd
WD 640g hdd
G-force 770 PNY 2gb
Windows 8.1 64bit
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  1. Did you try testing the hard disk by disk check.

    Sometimes corrupt sectors of hard drive randomly freezes your computer even it is high in specs.
  2. ^ That and try reseat RAM, and reset CMOS.
  3. well thats a problem D:
  4. I did try a check disk, but ive seen mentions of a program called hdtune. Would that give me a better summary of the hard drives assuming their in lies the issue?
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    It could, but I would also try reseating RAM, and run Memtest86+ for a few hours.
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