Can't Move Large Files From My Laptop HD to my Portable HD

Ok so I just had a huge bios problem with my ASUS G74sx. While it's sad, it's in the past and I'm done grieving over it (lol). The big issue now is to get my massive data collection off my two hd's and put them onto a portable Hard Drive. Both Hard Drives are in perfect working order, but I just have to connect them via SATA to USB in order to achieve this task. This is not the issue.

The issue came up when I was trying to just batch move my files over to my Portable HD downstairs on the Windows. There would be a problem where the drive just disconnected during file transfer. So I brung it upstairs to the Mac and tried again, only to get slapped in the face for using NTFS on my portable. I reformatted that to FAT32 (yes, I know that's a problem for big files, but bear with me) so I could perform the tasks I needed on the Mac, only to find out that the brunt of the problem was all about file size... anything roughly over 4gb is non-transferable. At least I didn't have the problem with disconnection on the Mac, so I am looking to complete the operation on that machine.

So, in list form:

Inability to move files over 4gb

Doing so on a Windows results in Disconnection

Hard Drive with data to move is a WD Scorpio Black connected via SATA to USB

Other Hard Drive to hold said data is a brand new Toshiba 2TB connected via USB.

The Toshiba has been modified for FAT32, but I'm willing to overlook that, because, I guess Mac is willing to overlook NTFS as well (dirty bas***ds!).

Any thoughts/solutions?

P.S. I'm a new member, so Hello to all you peeping Tom's (lol)
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    Sometimes 2.5" drives pull too much power for a USB port to handle, causing it to spontaneously disconnect.

    If your Windows PC is a desktop, you could try putting it inside, connected to the PSU. Or get a USB3.0 case, as USB3.0 can use 900mA instead of 500mA.
  2. So this is more of a power problem than anything else?
  3. Probably. Most 2.5" HDDs pull about 0.6-0.8A, which causes the USB ports to shut off.
  4. You can also try formatting the drive as exFAT. exFAT allows for much larger file sizes ( >4GB) and can be read on both Mac (Mac OS X Snow Leopard starting from 10.6.5) and Windows XP and higher although XP requires the update KB955704 for it to work.
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