MSI GT780DX Multiple DC Jack Failures

My DC power jack connector has failed numerous times and not from rough handling. The motherboard has been replaced once (under warranty), however, the power jack has failed twice since the motherboard has been replaced and the warranty expired. The repair shop has stated that the motherboard now needs to be replaced. A replacement motherboard costs more than $400 dollars. I don't want to spend that much money because I know that the power jack will fail again.
Is there some way of doing a cheap repair without replacing the motherboard or is there a way of getting cheap replacement motherboards.
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  1. Check ebay for a motherboard, it showed one system board (from Poland though) and a few ship laptop to us repair prices which are a lot less than $400. I can't vouch for any of those services so check the ebay ratings for them.

    Depends on how the jack failed, you may be able to solder the jack to the system, check with a different repair shop. Also check with MSI because it should not be breaking like this, they may extend the warranty. Things like this will be tough to prove that it was not done by mishandling just because you say it was not. Check online for other people that may have posted about issues with that model.
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