Computer isn't booting up, acting as if its in sleep mode.

I cleaned out some dust in my fans just to keep my computer cleaner and also unplugged all the cables just to do some better management. For some reason now when I press the power button the fans run fast like the system is turning on, but nothing shows up on my monitor and the two times it did there was little glitch parts that weren't coloured right. I also just put in a new hardrive. I don't know why its not actually doing anything and I'm getting really frustrated with this, can anybody help me or do you even understand what I'm asking?
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  1. is this new drive the one you boot to? the one with your operating system on it?
  2. No it is not
  3. I have all my hard drives set up correctly
  4. No, all my hard drives are set up correctly I have everything plugged into the motherboard I'm pretty sure, and everything is in there properly.... I just don't understand what's happening, this has never happened before and I usually know what to do. All the little led pins are plugged in right, both the cables are plugged into the mobo graphics card is in there nice and tight in its place. It is definitely not a power distribution problem I have a 700watt psu. When I turn it on (not press the power button just plug in power cable) the led at the front is already green, or sometimes it is red. Then when i press power it turns on and just sort of stays at the screen where i should be able to go into bios but can't and it doesn't show 'press f2 to go into bios' or whatever. All the while my fans are going ham but nothing is happening
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    try resetting your bios by removing the comos battery for a few minutes.with the battery removed and the psu unplugged press and hold down the start button for about 10-15 seconds.reinstall the comos battery,reboot and try to get into the bios.double check your boot order and see if it will boot then.
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