New Broadwell coming- Build Ivy Bridge or Haswell Now?

I am 4-5 yrs from my last build. I have been busy working & out of the loop. The current editions of my 'power' applications & O/S have over-run my system's ability to be really productive.

Gaming is not my priority (some games) BUT mainly for audio/video processing & editing plus music score generation (heavy graphics and cpu needs).

Do I go ahead and build with an Ivy Bridge (maybe i7-3770K) which will do the job today or go with a Haswell (i7-xxxx?) for possible future cpu upgrades?

My budget is $1200.- to $1400.- and needs to include: Win7-Pro 64 O/S, 500 to 750GB SSD primary, 2 X 2TB HDD, & a minimum of 16GB memory. New monitor if budget will allow but I have some room here.

Opinions? Suggestions? I could use some help here, Thank You.
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  1. Haswell if you have patience. Better performance.
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