what laptop would run skyrim decent more info below

Ok so my budget is straight up 600$ + shipping fees
I would like to play at least on 720p with 45 fps on high if possible and would like to install the hd texture pack is there a good cheap laptop that would work with a tight budget pls and thanks for the feed back
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    I can do it for $850, and that'll do high at 720p, not sure if it can do the texture packs at high. but yeah that's the best you're gonna get. at the lowest possible
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    You won't find a laptop for $600 to run Skyrim with the settings you want unless you get a used one. The one above for $850 is probably as cheap as you can get for a system for the quality you want. Anything under a medium range gaming laptop won't run Skyrim on High unless on very low frame rates.
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