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Hello all,

I am looking for a device that will let me switch freely between 4 monitors. I realise since its only going to be single GPU, I will be able to control 3 monitors per system only. How will my setup be and what do I require? 1 system will run a gtx 780 and the other a gtx750ti. each monitor should be able to run independent screens. something like a multi monitor setup. i have space constrains and cannot fit 8 screens in my room.

also, i've heard about using 1 mouse and keyboard for 2 systems without having to interchange. as in running it as though 2 systems are in 1. any idea on that?
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  1. You could try to use a KVM switch that handles 2 systems and 2 monitors keeping your side monitors connected to the individual systems at all times (sharing two of the monitors only along with the keyboard/mouse).
  2. Can a 2x2 KVM matrix handle 2 different monitor outputs? when theres only 2 input? or i'm looking at a 4 input 2 output KVM?
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    4 input 2 output (2 inputs from each PC and output to 2 different monitors). I think a 2 x 2 would allow for someone to switch the a single output from two computers to two monitors kind of strange but has its uses.
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