Ethernet port doesn't read ethernet cable?

Hello, ever since a couple of days ago I recently updated my graphics card and installed it's driver so it forced me to reboot my computer (desktop). When I turned it on, it couldn't read my Ethernet cable. My ethernet port is connected to my motherboard, although I do have a network adapter for my WIFI. I'm not sure if installing drivers/updating graphics cards have anything related to the ports because I have no knowledge in this field so I'm so lost at the moment. Bare in mind, whenever I put in my Ethernet cable back into the port, the port flashes as if it reads the cable, but nothing is coming up on the actual computer :(

Edit: I cleaned the back of the computer just a bit using my vacuum, and I just came across something and it said something about electrical discharge... might have something to do with it I assume?
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  1. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your lan drivers.

    It is always possible you may have sent static discharge through your ethernet port.

    Try plugging that cable into another device like a laptop
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