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I have a HP Compaq 615, a very old laptop. Im looking for features so I can undervolt my CPU, as it get's very hot.

Also, I dont know if it is possible, but I want to increase the amount of RAM my integrated graphics uses. Atm, it only use 256MB of my RAM, but I'd like it to use 512. Is that possible?

I know nothing of these mentioned things is possible on a stock BIOS, but i wanna give FLASHING a go. Any help? :)

HP Compaq 615
AMD Athlon x2, dual core QL-64, 2.10GHz
Ati Radeon HD 3200
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit.
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  1. There does not seem to be any custom BIOS for the Compaq 615. If the option to change video graphic is not in the BIOS, you can't change it. It really won't help you with the speed of it.

    If you have issues with heat, you may want to clean out the case and fans and possibly clean the heatsink and apply new heat grease.
  2. This issue has been solved. After several attempts, because I locked myself in BIOS after a official BIOS update, I tryed the most obvious password ever, on the last attempt (after like, 4 hours of try's). And it worked, the so obvious password was my first name...
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