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I have a M5a99x EVO R2.0, i also have a pair of corsair af 120s in the front of my case wired into the mobo. WHen I am in BIOS looking at the fan speeds one of them keeps spiking to 675,000 RPM. Obviously this is not correct and the fan seems to be running normal. I checked to see if the wire is cut and it doesnt appear to be. What could be causing this?
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  1. It is a bug or a glitch, it also happens to me sometimes, especially with the top fan.
  2. Yea I figure. It isnt a big deal but I HATEE when things dont work right. Big pet peave
  3. Do you use the Asus AI Suite II for fan management?
  4. I literally just booted my new rig for the first time and noticed. I have not even installed an OS yet lol
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    Ok, just asked, because the Asus software that comes with the motherboard for pc management can also show some strange results with the fans, just to know that is also bug or glitch, do not worry. Plus you should know that the CPU temperatures are 10C lower on the AI Suite II, than the real ones, so don't depend on them. Better install Real Temp.
  6. wow really? thanks for the info
  7. Yup, i learned that the hard way, almost burned my CPU :)
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