Difference between ASUS Z87-K and Z87-K C2

I'm looking for a MB that can handle Intel i5 4670 (Haswell) and I want to decide between these two models.

They're both 1150 Socket. ASUS in the official site doesn't state the C2 model anywhere, but from what I've read in other sites, C2 supports the Haswell CPUs. Will there be some conflict if I use the non-C2 version of the MB with the 4670?
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    Both of them will support the 4670, but i wouldn't get a K version, from all the Z87 that Asus makes, Z87-k are the worst. From Asus get the Z87-A, from Gigabyte Z87-HD3, or from Asrock Z87 Pro 4, those 3 boards are almost in the same price range as the Z87-K and are much better alternatives.
  2. Thanks for your advise.
    I ended up to the Z87-K because I need the PCI slot to use it for my soundcard. The Z87-A model also comes with PCI slots, but they have shared IRQ with more crucial elements of the MB (eg. sata drivers) and I want to eliminate as possible the chance to get some conflicts.
  3. IRQ-sharing problems have now almost completely disappeared. This is partly down to the wider use in motherboards of APIC (Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller) chips, which provide 24 or more Interrupts instead of the 16 offered by the older PIC (Programmable Interrupt Controller) chips. Plus i assume you will be using Windows 7 or 8.
  4. That's good to know. Thanks again.
    (Yes, I'll be using win7 64bit)
  5. No problem, glad that i could help
  6. One last question: You said that Z87-k are the worst. Compared to the Z87-A, is it only a matter of scalability for future upgrades or will I see some improvement in terms of performance?
  7. In performance, at stock settings both K and A will be almost the same. The A version has better parts, more features and better stability at overclocking. Plus it is SLI/Crossfire ready (i assume you will not need that feature). Also there were many RMA Z87-K motherboards.
  8. No, I won't need the SLI/Crossfire ready feature.
    I will go for the Z87-A, if I can ensure 100% that my PCI sound card (EMU 1212m -which is a really "selective" card regarding IRQs) will get absolutely no conflicts.

    From this table
    I read that the PCI slots will be sharing either with the SMBUS and Thermal Controller or the Intel PCH SATA controllers. Do you think that I won't get any problems?
    (At Z87-K, there's a PCI slot shared with an *empty* PCIe slot.)

    Should I trust these tables or is there a way to avoid probable conflicts?
  9. I think it will not present any problems, but maybe you would like to open a new thread here, and get more info about the conflicts, at last maybe i am wrong about something, and i don't want to cause you some problems in the future.
  10. Yep, you're right -plus, I've already gone off-topic. Thanks for your precious help :)
  11. Yep, better to be safe than sorry :)
  12. Regarding the original question, the C2 refers to a chipset bug where some USB3 storage devices, after sleep mode, wouldn't wake up again without a reboot (like me). The C2 fixed this.
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