Which Cold cathode color?

Hey guys.

I need help at choosing color of cold cathodes. I have Fractal Design R4 Black Pearl http://content.hwigroup.net/images/products/xl/168603/fractal_design_define_r4_window_black_pearl.jpg

I need to choose best color to light up interior of this case.

Every component inside my case is black color.

I was thinking about getting either Revoltec WHITE cold cathode, or Revoltec UV cold cathode (that white stock fan might glow pretty cool under UV light)
Can you help me decide?
Feel free to post your opinion on any other color aswell.

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  1. Personally, I like blue as I think it adds the most "bling" to the case. I ended up with blue internal lights as it is a "softer" light in complete darkness compared to other colors.

    The only issue with blue or red is that most cases have those colors. But while also deciding on what color lights to put in my own case, white, yellow, and orange were a bit too bright and washed out the inside of the case making it difficult to see the internals and components or they are harsh when in complete darkness.

    If I had to do it all over again, I would get UV light and highlight certain parts and internals of the case in fluorescent paint so the inside of the case glows rather than using a light to shine inside.

    In any event, I vote blue...but of course, it's your case and you get what fits your fengshui the best.

    Good luck!
  2. In my opinion, white cathodes kind of look like turning on a dull light because they'll give off almost a gray cast. While this could be a bit cool, it's a little conservative.

    White stock fans catch the light of any led or cathode pretty well. In my opinion purple, yellow, orange or green are the coolest colors, because they are a little more unique in that you can't just pick up a case with these colors built into the included lighting and fans; uniqueness is what I like in the colors. Blues and reds are everywhere, so I steer clear.
  3. Really? I've heard in various places that blue lights are the worst for destroying night vision, with red light generally not doing so.

    All the blue lights on our HTPC gear are taped over or resistor-ed down, but red or orange is fine.

    One thing you might be able to do is get a tablet with an app that makes the whole screen a colour, toss that in the case, and see what you like best.

    RGB LED strips are the other option, as they're rewirable if you change your mind. Grab an arduino and you can do some seriously cool stuff.
  4. Thank you all for your answers.

    I already made clear to myself that I aint buying blue or red. These colors are just too common. I want something special and not too "funky" because my room is pretty "classy" and elegant and I dont want to ruin it with some bright funky lights. That's why I was thinking about getting a white ones, but as you said..they might turn grey-ish. Second option was UV, which gives nice purple ambience and some "glowing effect" (which I still need to figure out how to make something glow inside my case, since I dont have watercooling)

    And the first thing on my "WHAT NOT TO BUY" list is definitely RGB led strips. That's just too funky for me.

    EDIT: I was thinking about getting LED strips, but they give more direct light than cold cathodes
  5. Here's a purple cold cathode (UV):

    Not sure which room your PC is in, but this kind of lighting may reveal bodily fluids in some locations. :)
  6. Hi wort,
    welcome back,
    The color of your cathodes is personal preference , do you have any colored led fans in your case ?
    Here's is a alternative for your case , you can set any color you please,
  7. mickypheonix said:
    Hi wort,
    welcome back,
    The color of your cathodes is personal preference , do you have any colored led fans in your case ?
    Here's is a alternative for your case , you can set any color you please,

    Hey, thanks. Im complicating too much with these cold cathodes haha, I know and I'm sorry. But I've never had any lights inside my case and you guys probably had, so I'm asking you because you probably know the best what looked cool and what not.

    I have no colored led fans in my case.
    RGB leds are kind of expensive. I can get cold cathode for 8€ any color I want, and I'm not willing to spend more than that.
  8. these are a good alternative , i have these in a case and can be set to 1of 7 colors and made sound activated , sorry video is poor quallity is all i could find
  9. neither of these are that expensive, really
  10. £6.79: this with 5m of RGB and a controller and remote.
  11. if you really want cathodes i would chose these , they are small 100mm long and only about 10mm round and easy to put anywhere in your case, in drive bays , tight places where a fat 6" or larger cathode wont fit etc etc i have found these to be best for color and reliability
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