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If I were to download something into an SSD would the speed of the download be faster than a HDD? For example a steam game?
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  1. No, the speed is determined by how fast your internet is. HDD, and SSD's are way faster than most internet connections.
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    Probably not because your download is probably the limiting factor, the install should be faster.
  3. While what the above people have said is true, I found that downloading onto my HDD was significantly slower than my SSD. I wasn’t able sustain a maxed out download speed on my HHD, but once I started downloading to my SSD I found I was able to hit my top speeds consistently. I think this had something to do with how quickly the drive could empty its download cache. Since the HDD couldn’t empty the cache quick enough it would start backing off on the download, causing speeds to drop. I’ve never had this issue with my SSD. That being said that’s for large files at high speeds. If your downloading word documents off Dropbox with you dial-up internet it won’t make any difference. I’m not super familiar with Steam and how it deals with downloads, so it’s tough to say for sure. The best way to know would be to give it a shot and see.
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