low fps in Lowest Settings (BF4)

I am really upset that I am getting around 20-30 fps while playing in laptop. When i go to customize I get around 70-80 fps, but whenever i spawn it drops low. please, help me out

Specs :
CPU Intel® Core™ i7 processor 4700MQ (2.4GHz)
Windows 8.1
17.3" HD+ CSV Widescreen with LED Backlit Display
1 TB storage with 5400 rpm
Graphics nVIDIA GeForce GT 740M 2GB With Optimus + Intel® HD Graphics 4600

I tried the BIOS to turn off the hyperthreading, but there was no options to do that. I updated my GPU drivers to the recent one but no use.
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    The graphics for your laptop are pretty low end, so the results you have are not surprising honestly. On the customize screen there is nothing being rendered in game while your there. That is why you FPS goes up on that screen.
  2. BF 4 is one of the most demanding games out there and despite the fact that your laptop has an i7, it's not meant for gaming. at least at this level.
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