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While awaiting delivery of a new cooler Noctua NH-L12 I thought I'd do some temperature checks on my new system currently Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H & AMD A10 6800K cpu still using the stock cooler (noisy). CPU temps in bios jump between 65c - 67c, in Windows 7 using HW Monitor I'd expect temps a bit higher cos the OS is running along with other background programs, according to HW Monitor temps seem lower than the bios at idle.

To be honest with you guys I'm not too sure on how to properly read HW Monitor or safe cpu temps. I ran Prime 95 only for a few minutes then I chickened out and stopped the test when I seen cpu temps going over the 100c figure, I was afraid I'd damage the cpu.
I have taken a screen grab of HW Monitor the left pic is at idle and right side one is with Prime 95 running. Could someone tell me if these figures are something to be concerned about. I'm hoping the new colloer will be better for the CPU and my ears:wahoo:

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  1. Wow that voltage on your Vcore is kinda high. What is your over clock? I beleave it is time to get a better cooler.
  2. Hi Jim

    I've not overclocked anything on this setup. I got the new mobo, cpu and stock cooler last week, after a few days I decided a new cooler was in order cos the stock one is noisy and from what I've read elsewhere is not too great a cooler. I've not touched anything in the bios, just looked at the values of various settings.
  3. I have never liked the vertical coolers too much because they either have blow against the motherboard or suck up from it. Other wise it is a decent cooler especially if you are not over clocking.

    I still think it is your voltages. 1.4 plus volts is usually what I would see on an overclocked system. Remember volts = heat (Technically Watts = Heat but since Watts = Volts X Current you can say volts = heat). The more volts you have the more heat you are going to put out.

    Now your model of CPU may require this Voltage to run stabably but I would try to lower you Vcore to 1.3V and see if your system is stable. If not you can always set it back no harm to foul.

    The other thing it could be is your thermal grease. What did you use and how did you apply it?

  4. Good news is postman just arrived with the new cooler, will report back once fitted, hopefully with a good improvement.
  5. Hi Jim, thought I'd answer you to to let you know what happened. I think I have it sorted now, got the new cooler fitted and everything seems to be running ok ...I think. The cooler wouldn't fit because of the stupid bling on top of the memory sticks. Careful prising apart of the high tinny heatspreaders then a pair of metal cutters soon turned the ram sticks into low profile. Cooler fits fine now with no side effects to the memory sticks which also work fine. Not a pretty sight but their hidden in side a case :-) The new settings below on the Windows desktop at idle.

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