closed out question by mistake how to format a drive to install windows 7 oem or systems builder disk

i would like to upgrade to windows 7 from xp and dont know how to format my drive so i can use a oem windows 7 disk or systems disk (havent purchased yet). ive heard those disks dont have the format software on them like the retail does. the crippler was nice enough to answer me but i didnt understand the answer """" Just run the installer on the Windows disc. Since XP cannot be directly upgraded to 7, it will format the drive for you (back up your files!) as part of the install process.""" my question is, do you mean format my drive with the xp disk or does a oem or systems disk have the installer on it ? The retail disks are getting hard to come by. with no xp support im looking get a year or so out of my old computer before i can afford a new one. thanks fred
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    W7 OEM discs are self installing. When you put the disc in the drive, boot to your cd and just follow the directions. W7 will format the drive for you and do all of the install. You will end up with a clean drive and fresh os. All of the base files you need are on the OEM disc. Just make sure you download any driver files for your motherboard and gpu BEFORE you do the install - put them on a thumb drive or cd so you have them handy after your base install. Also, be sure to check your motherboard specs to see if your current bios supports W7. If you have an older machine (which XP tends to indicate), you may have to update your bios BEFORE doing the W7 install.

    WARNING: This will erase ALL data on your hdd. Make sure you back up any data you wish to keep BEFORE installing W7.

  2. The Win7 installer doesn't automatically format preformatted drives, however there is an option within the installer to partition and/or format a drive.
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