I need to connect an 8 port switch with 7 static ip computers attached to a DHCP Router.

I have a network set up in a business with 7 computers connected via an 8 port switch that are all configured with static ip addresses - with that 8th port that is left open on the switch, I would like to connect that to a wireless router to that 8th port so that I can connect the computers to the internet and also have a wifi hot spot. Is there any way of doing this with keeping DHCP ON in the router so that wireless devices in the dinning room can still connect without needing configured?
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  1. You would just have to exclude those addresses from the dhcp pool that the router gives to users. Also since you are using the common gateway address of you will need to select a different gateway address for the router. Normally the other common one used would be
  2. Many routers have the ability to set the IP range in which they will assign IP numbers via DHCP. So set your assignment range to say, to .255.

    My set up uses this scheme.

    Router gets
    Other networked devices (access points, printers, network storage, etc) get static IPs from .2 and up. Computers and other user devices get IP assignments from DHCP, although the DHCP has reservations so they get the same number every time. Which of course would be another option for you.
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