Does Lenovo B590 intel core i3-3110M laptop support Multi OS like (Win XP, Win7 & Win 8)?

Please specify weather the "M" series laptop supports multi OS (or) not, if yes tell me about "U" series weather U series support multi OS or not?
which is best because M is 2.4 Ghz & U series 1.8 Ghz?
I need multi OS to install at separate situations...........
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    The difference letters represent different versions of the i3, an i3 with a 'u' in its model number means it is an ultra low voltage/wattage chip which explains why it has a much lower clock speed.

    The 'm' i3 versions are standard mobile chips which are made for laptops or low power devices.

    Other than that, there is not really any differences between themlother than the 'm' chip will provide better performance.

    Not sure whether the laptop supports running multiple OSs at the same time (it should work with a virtual machine or through live disks though...).
  2. I need not about power consumption ,its about it can "M" mobile chipset support multi OS at different situations, not by using VMware or anything
  3. The CPU should support it yes.

    If you want to duel boot then you can use multiple guides on the Internet to help you set this up although from what i can remember it usually requires making separate partitions on the hard drive and installing different OS's on different partitions.
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