BUILD HELP: Ineedyou! Will this motherboard be compatible with PSU

Maybe a silly question but I'm currently building a pc on an old motherboard (part: MS-7525 Boston)

for my brother and not sure if a newer PSU I have laying around which is still brand new (part: Corsair TX650W enthusaist series) will be compatible, dont want to not ask and risk blowing up the components, is it all good?

Help me PC Gods.
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  1. According to the Motherboard model It seems has a 24 pin atx connector its the standard and latest connector, and the corsair PS has a 24 pin so dont worry it will work and any ways there are always adapters from 20 to 24 pins with a cheap price but you will not need to do that.
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    TX-650 is 100% compatible with your motherboard You'll be fine!
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