which laptop to get for around $500

Alright, so I'm trying to find a budget laptop that can play some games, none too intense, and I came across these.


They seem to be solid setups for not too pricey. Out of those two, which would you pick? Are there any other laptops you might recommend? I won't be doing editing, just surfing, YouTube, and gaming. If anyone wants to tell me that I can't find a gaming laptop for this price range, I assure you, I've heard it before, I wish I could spend more, and I know I won't be playing BF4 on max settings any time soon, I'm used to the lowest settings on minecraft, so I assure you ill be pleased. Help me get the best bang for my buck! Thanks!
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    I would definitely go for the HP ENVY 15-j073cl. The other one I wouldn't even consider. The HD 4000 is not even close to being apt for gaming. The HP ENVY 15-j073cl also has 4 more GB of RAM, it's by far a better choice for what you say your needs are.

    As for other laptops, I would take a look at Lenovos. They have a good selection for the price range and needs you listed.
  2. Awesome, thank you for the quick reply. I looked at Lenovo, but I hear their customer service is awful. Is there any truth to that?
  3. Ok, well I hate to ask too many questions, but if I were to up the budget to around 650-700, do you think I could get one with maybe a dedicated gpu? Seems like tossing an extra 100-200 to it will get me a much better setup, and it might be worth biting the bullet to ensure I dont feel as restricted by it.
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