cant reinstall driver on windows 7 hp laptop

accidently Lost the driver in my HP windows 7 laptop? Help me get it back. Cant use hotspot because no driver
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  1. go to and download the correct driver for your product
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    How do you loose a driver?
    Which one?

    Did you try uninstalling the device in question in Device Manager, and restarting?
  3. use another computer and USB stick, download 3DP Net, put it on the USB Stick, plug USB stick into problem computer, Run the 3DPNet.exe, click the green Plus (+) on the right of the network adapters until the one you want drivers for is there, then click the name of the adapter, it will install the drivers for it.
  4. We need more specific information about the products if you want someone to help you find the driver. What make and model is the hotspot? And the laptop model?
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