MSI 760gm-P23 and amd FX-6100

I was playing some games this morning and noticed a lag and drop in FPS since i have a HD7770 Vapor x and 8gb ram I saw it a little weird for this to happen, a friend of my have the same card and 4gb of ram and run the same game on the highest settings without drops, so I stared to check temperatures and noticed the readings on the CPU reached 206c!!, also a weird temperature reading of TMPIN1 reached 80c and I saw that when this happens the CPU will toggle to the 206c reading, also i touch the NB heat sink at it was fairly hot.Also I read on the internet issues with this board but on 125w cpu but mine is a 95w so what could it be?

P.S:Im going to buy a Cooler master Hyper 212 EVO today and see if it helps.

Another thing HWmonitor also shows my PSU if giving 9.6 v on the 12+ rail could this affect my PC?

Full Specs.
MB:MSI 760gm-P23
AMD FX-6100 stock.
2x4gb KIngston 1333mhz
HD7770 vapor-x
1TB toshiba HD
Cheap PSU of 650w (it just came with the PC)
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  1. seems to me your PSU is trash, I would upgrade.

    the cooler upgrade should help.

    also it wasn't at 206C or it'd be on fire, it probably was very hot though.
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    Your motherboard appears on this spreadsheet: as having VRM issues. Your symptoms are consistent with overheating.
    Your PSU may indeed be low quality (and should be replaced), but even if it is only good for half of its label it should be able to run your rig. If it is exhausting extremely hot air it may be running on its edge though, which may lead to a different problem (e.g. a catastrophic flaming failure).
    If the CPU cooler increases the airflow over your VRMs, it may help. You can also get VRM heatsinks to put on them, like these:
  3. Thanks Onus, i got the hyper evo to see only CPU temperatures drop, I attached the fan from the old heat-sink directly to the NB and the temperatures seems to go to 75 while playing NFS Rivals at maximum, it fluctuates a little but don't pass 80c(The temperature where CPU throttles), I think I just bought some time to save a little. I fell disappointed about MSI all their boards seems to have quite the same problem judging by the table yo gave me. I have a low budget but i will save some money and buy another board(Gigabyte this time) them a PSU(I knew it was not good) But thanks for the info now i can make a better purchase more informed.
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