Asus AH3450 HTP 256mb agp graphic win xp drivers

Hi everyone, i have a little problem, i've buyed some graphic (name in tittle) and i cant install proper drivers for win xp system..
When i get into the any game it's writing:VPU RECOVERY bla bla bla and exits from game and turn my resolution to 800x600...
I've turned that off but then when i get in game just get black screen...
Can someone who haved this graphic explain me how to install proper drivers, and can this graphic run on windows XP (any not just sp3) ??

My sys req:
Pentium 4 2.8gHz
Ram: 2560mb
Graphic: 256 mb, 64 bits, 4.1 shader, 2.0 GL..
HDD:200 gb..

My PC is good for me, i have just that problem, and i would like to solved it out..

I dont need answers like:"Get new pc, its crap, old old etc".
I know that, i dont need better, its good for me to play fav games..
THANKS EVERYONE, and sorry for my bad english..BB
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  1. This page has the drivers you should need under "drivers and tools":

    EDIT: beat to it :)
  2. i hope this solves the problem oh and another thing before you install this
  3. use this to uninstall the drivers 1st

    oh and then either click on the link i posted or the link jaxem posted they're both the same links for the same site, with the same drivers!
  4. Hi you two, i was trying to install from that site, but when i get into the game, its getting VPU RECOVERY error and something like that, black screen and its turn back when i press ctrl-alt-del.. and it change resolution to 800x600.. idk what is that and because of that i've putted this theme to this forum..
  5. Likely something with the game then, probably not the drivers. Have you tried other games with it?
  6. what game are you trying to play on it?, and what power supply you using again??
  7. I mean if im honest with you depending on what games your playing, the graphics card you are using is not designed for playing games with. It could be that the graphics is not powerful enough and overheating or your power supply is not supplying enough power to it on full load
  8. if you dont want to shell out loads on the graphics or your on a tight budget you could always look at getting a card off ebay second hand, you can get the amd radeon 6670 for instance for about £50
  9. for any games i would suggest that as a minimum with ddr5 ram, and you'll need at least a 400w power supply
  10. I can play at least COD MW2 on this graphic and PES 2013, i was playing that on WIN 7 but problem is with COD 2 game, i mean now when im entering, and any other game, i mean all games, i have installed now pes 2011 and cod2 and both games doesnt work -_-
    on win 7 it works great but processor is too slow for win 7 and my ping in game is 60 to 150 -_- i hate that..
    so i went to make this card run on win xp but drivers are creazy, some vpu recovery and other 'shit' are showing on my descop when im going into game (that was happen last time when i was on win xp system, then i moved to win7)
    My power voltage is default :220V, but that is enough to run this card, its not overheating on any stuff like that.. i know about drivers good but about this driver idk because ASUS is shitty site.. they dont have normal drivers for graphics..

    Sorry guys for this language but really it sucks to download their drivers and got this errors -_-

    any ideas? im trying to install now driver from asus and i will be able to tell you in 10 min what happened...
  11. Listen clearly, i just need drivers for XP that's working, graphic card is OK, game is OK, but drivers NO...
    Power supply are OK, Drivers is working on WIN 7 but my processor is too bad for that (Single core 2.8 gHz, not uppgradable). And win 7 makes my ping goes to 150 in game so its so bad to play like that, i hate play with laggs.
    If you know the answer (maybe new drivers, catalyst hotfix or idk) write answer but if you dont know please dont spamm, i really need help, thanks.. and sorry for english, im amateur at this hehe... BB
  12. Thats is what I am looking for, i will try that, thank you..
  13. no problems if it works all well can you pick that as the solution, if you have any problems though will try and come up with some alternative suggestions!
  14. That is not the real solution, i was installed that and after that i did reboot and when it started up my screen was 600x400 an some colors green and yellow was on the screen, it looks like i must install win7 again :( sorry for spam.
  15. no worries sorry i couldnt help, there must be a way round this
  16. Best answer
    just checked to see if theres any previous drivers that could work but the dicks have taken them all off :(
  17. Thanks buddy but there's no help for this graphic, its looks like she can only run on win 7, nevermind thank you, so everyone who have this graphic and want to install win xp, DONT!
  18. yeh its probably because the drivers they have now are not compatible with XP and the ones that were are no longer available, sorry I couldn't help you anymore I hope you get it sorted, if you ever need any help sourcing any new parts for cheap in the future just give me a shout and i'll try help!
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