30GB with random stuff in my SSD??

What? I once deleted and made my pagefile small and did some things and got like 38 gb free place.

but i changed all that but then i had less ram on my pc and could not play games.

Now that I changed back to defualt on pagefile


Pls help respond

how can i delete these 30gb taking stuff or move them to other drive? (HDD)
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  1. Get a program like CCleaner and get rid of all those temp files.
  2. First, change your TEMP environment variables to your HDD. This will cause all future temp files to go to the HDD.
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System > Advanced System Settings > Advanced > Environment Variables...
    Edit your TEMP and TMP variable values to something like D:\Temp (or whatever your HDD is called).
    Restart your PC.
    You can now delete your old temp files in your appdata. You may also want to move your pagefile to your HDD, but keeping it on your SSD may result in better performance.
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