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I currently own a GeForce 570 and I'm thinking about upgrading. The 570 currently has a *very* tight fit inside my case. I've checked on the Geforce website and they measure the 570 at 10.5 inches.

My question is, can I rely on the Geforce website measurements for the reference cards when considering other vendors cards? For instance, the 770 is listed on the Geforce website as a 10.5 inches card, is it safe to assume that all of the other flavors of this card from other manufacturers be 10.5 inches too?

If not, I would a appreciate suggestions for the best cards out there under 10.5 inches.

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  1. If the 770 uses the reference cooler it is safe to assume it is the size listed on the Geforce site. However, it's always good to double check and any manufacture proprietary cooler or card would or could be longer or wider.

    I lean toward MSI or ASUS cards. I've had good experiences with ASUS customer support. MSI and ASUS also have very good coolers if you go for a non stock cooler.

    This MSI says it's 10.24"
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    Well the ASUS GTX770 is 10.7, EVGA's version is 10.5:

    Really you're just going to have to do some research, my preference is EVGA because they've always treated me right and if not them then ASUS. You could look at the MSI version also which is only about 10.24 and would probably be a slightly better fit for you.
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