Bad bios flash black screen

Alienware Area 51 ALX
Msi MS-7543 X58 LGA1366 Core i7 DDR3 Mb
Bios: A11
Intel core i7 975 at 3.33 ghz
8GB DDR3 ram
2805MB AMD 5800 series GPU
Windows 7 Home Premium

Hey guys I'm not very pc technical but I give this a try

I got this computer 2 days ago on ebay and only 3.99gb of my 8gb ram was showing up on my computer after looking for advice on here I updated my bios via windows I got to 1% and received a blue screen at the bottom it said to contact a pc specialist

ever since I have tried starting my computer to get a black screen

I have tried the steps listed these forums and they haven't worked

1. Reset the CMOS from 1-2 to 2-3
2. Remove the battery and replace
3. Remove and replace ram cards

I will send a crate of beer to the kind gentleman who helps me solve this issue
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  1. Try updating the BIOS from USB. Read your mobo manual section on M-Flash.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply
    Is this what you are suggesting?
    1. Download the bios update from another computer and stick it on a USB (as my computer has no start up it is in black screen)
    2. Stick USB with file into computer turn on and it will automatically update the bios?

    Edit: I have put the bios file a11 onto USB and attached it to my computer and turned on now I get a single bleep every 10-15 seconds but still no screen
  3. If your motherboard has an on-board display adapter, try using it, as the default setting may be to read from motherboard. If not, proceed below.

    Remove the motherboard from the case, as well as the Power Supply Unit (PSU). Place the motherboard on a non-conductive surface (wood, cardboard, etc.). Ensure that the PSU is connected snugly - both the P1 (24-pin) and the CPU (4/8-pin) connectors are also snug.

    Next, insert only one RAM module. Make sure you use enough pressure; you should hear the modules click into place, along with seeing the retaining clips lock into place.

    Try booting again. If still no display, remove the currently installed RAM module, and insert it into the next DIMM slot. Repeat until either:
    1. You have a display; or
    2. You've installed the current module into all DIMM slots, and then at this point, you use a different RAM module to repeat this step.
  4. Thanks for getting back to me T_T
    I don't believe I have a on board display adaptor I didn't remove the motherboard because I don't think I'd be able to put it back together
    But I did move around my ram cards and found that I get bleeps on the first slot so I moved my cards to 2-3 slots even with one card in the ram slots still no display

    I had contacted dell they want to charge me £280 for a new motherboard and refused to extend my warranty even tho I'm am within the date period it's all fubar

    Been to about 6 computer shops who had no idea how to fix the prob seems like I knew more about computers than them

    I also went to pc world/currys who refused to look at my computer because it's from dell/alienware and Their insurance won't cover it if anything goes wrong

    So I'm really stuck now :(

    Edit: dell didn't check my computer this was via phone call that they said I might need a new motherboard
  5. Have you tried contacting MSI tech support?
  6. Msi kicked me from their forum because I have an alienware even tho it's their motherboard I'm guessing their going to send me straight back to dell
  7. It is true that bad BIOS flashes can ruin motherboards. Also, clearing CMOS via the jumper method can ruin motherbaords, if not done correctly. Follow the guide here
  8. Cheers for the help T_T but nothing seems to do the trick and no one will touch it I will have to get a new motherboard and try and fit it thanks for all the help
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