need urgent help asap!

okay so my closed loop water cooler will not run right i turn on my pc it starts up then my pc will shutdown becuase the fans stop spinning on top of that i went back to my not stock but a air cooler which was 30C for a 4ghz oc
but now that i installed it again same way as before it reading as 80C idle which is just insane i replied thermal past reintalles drivers try another mobo same thing so is my temp reading just messed up and not accurate or something im at stock speed i even tried downclocking from 3.1 to 2ghz mad low voltage and it was still 60C makes no sense i have a twin tower dual fan 6 pipe cooler on it right now all i have that works and i have 8 other pc case fans please help
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  1. check the fan settings in BIOS

    are they on auto? What are the temp threshold set to ?
  2. i have the fans set to max speed which is 2k rpm-3k rpm
    and the temp threshold is 65C
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    alright i figured it out used my friends pc temp checking device what ever its called
    and it ended up being the motherboard NB over 80 C so that is what made the PC temps so high
    i ended up buying a new motherboard and now my temps are normal 20-27 C idle and 30-42 under load 47 max with prime 95 setting are stock but i put ram to 1866 from 1600 ill have to wait for another cooler tho
    because the water cooler i had the 3 pin fan controller/connector on the water cooler blew and so thats wahy it turned off and on constantly and my pc didnt start

    anyway thanks for the speedy reply and input
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