Which is better in the long run?? Please help i am investing heavily

Basically, i am uni student and after a powerful laptop to run software such as SW and Autocad and many more (once i start working for industries)
I've had a look a the workstation from both dell on the m4800 and m6800 and now cant decide which to go for since i saw it advertise on the this site on-line for a refurbished.
the : http://www.merkamericaco.com/dell-precision-m6800-intel-core-i7-4930mx-extreme-3-90ghz-32gb-ddr3l-1600mhz-512gb-mobility-ssd-nvidia-quadro-k5100m-8gb-17-3-fhd-1920x1080-wide-led-8x-dvd-rw-win-8-pro-nq0042/


the m4800:


So I humbly ask for you're opinions and guidance please everyone before i make this choice.

Also i want it to last for many more years to come (get my part-time money's worth ) not bothered about the weight or as such just performance and capability of upgrades in the near future and also having both SSD (possibly the crucial m500/550 or the samsung evo) not HDD.

Thanks for you're time.
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  1. The K5100 Quadro card in the m6800 is much better than the card in the m4800. Other than that the two look to be identical.
    The m4800 does have a Msata SSD but you should be able to add that in later in the m6800 if you want.
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