Problems after changing a graphic card

Hi guys,

I just changed my video card to new R9 270x from GTX 550ti.
After the installation, some problems have been occurred.
- I hooked up my computer with my TV with HDMI cable and when I connected to TV, I use the duplicate screen mode, so I can see the exactly same screen on both TV and my monitor. If I turn off my TV, my pc only automatically disables the duplicate screen mode. Before the graphic card change, there was no problems, however, after the change, TV screen is okay, but the bottom side of my monitor screen(the taskbar area) blinks. But if I turn off the TV, my monitor screen is back to normal, not blinking.

- The second problem is that some of my game, which requires high GPU performance, stop running after few seconds of the execution of them.

Please help me figure out this problems. (It might be my mother board problem i guess)
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  1. Well have you removed the old card's drivers and installed the ones for the new card?

    Check out this video

    Hope this helps!
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