What does this blue screen message mean?

stop: 0x0000008E (0x0000005, 0xBF85FC9E, 0XBO451AEY, 0X0000000)

win32k.sys - address BF85FC9E base at BF 8000000, datestamp 52f43e77
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  1. use whocrashed or bluescreenview to read the dump files
  2. i just did some googling and i used a program called driver sweeper. is that the same thing?
  3. what do you need to do after you identify the files (which are win32k.sys & ntoskrnl.exe by the way)
    right now im downloading updates from microsoft...will this automatically detect and fix these issues?
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    blue screens are almost always a driver issue. Make sure all drivers are up to date especially video. you might have to unistall a driver a reinstall it. And check the last thing installed or updated before the blue screens to see if that is causing it. Sometimes they are very hard to pin down to what caused it exactly.
  5. ok well when i go into dev. mngr i dont get any !s is there a way to update all drivers? (at one time)
  6. more specifically, how do i update those two drivers? when i go into properties there is no driver tab.
  7. this is what i feared. it appears msoft has detected that i have .net framework issure, starting with v1...i fear i might have to go through all of them again
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