Building Video Editing Rig - Need info on the 3 Hard Drives line up

Looking to build my first video and gaming PC trying to stay at a $1000. I know that the best video editing PC you need 3 hard drives.

I am unsure how to line up the hard drives. As well the SATA Hard drive Vs. SSD -
Which way is better?

Where should the SSD go ? As well to keep cost down size of the SSD or should use all 3 SSD are 1 SSD. What makes the speed so important in placement?

How large of a SSD should I buy?

First - Being the operating system -SATA Hard drive Vs. SSD

Second - Drive to hold the editing video - SATA Hard drive Vs. SSD

Third - To store the video - This is a given, it would be a SATA Hard drive being the fact videos are so large.

I really wonder if I can keep this at $1000

I am going with a Intel i7 Processor to bang away at video editing!
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    ssd, id say get small, 128 is almost to small, but 256 gb is usually perfect. the solid state is just for boot/os and for few programs you use most often. The speed of like a Samsung drive offer 500ish mbps read and write. As far as everything else goes, 7200rpm drives are way to go. Theyre read write speeds are 80-120mbps, but if you get 1-2-3 of them hook them up in raid, then your looking at 80-120 x 3 or 240-360mbps. I have 3x3tb sagaete hhd's in raid for my movies (I render and edit videos very often), music, pictures, games, and such. I have 2 Samsung 840 pro 256gb ssd's in raid setup just for my boot drive and a few programs, then I have 2 intel 530 256gb ssd's in raid for the videos im currently working on. The 3tb hhd will run $100 ish, while a 256gb ssd will go $150-180.
  2. If your looking intel i7 route, you've got $300 for cpu, $200 for motherboard, $100 for os, $100 for ram, $50-100 for case, $75-100 for power supply, and graphics card depends on how good you want but will run $300-1000. Then hard drives, so depending what your budget is left will determine which hard drives you get, id say get a 120-256gb ssd for $150 and grab a 3tb hhd for $100. So your looking at $1400. You'll need to cut some things down, So things you need no matter what, for video editing. You'll need case, 16gb ram, power supply, operating system. Things you can cut back from, solid state for boot drive, your graphics card, your processor/motherboard. I'd skip the ssd for now as its easy to just add in later. Graphics card and processor can be upgraded, but then you've got to try and sell what you've got and all that jazz.
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