Radeon 7770 Sapphire vs ghz edition

Can anyone tell me what the difference is here. Newegg says it's ghz edition but the picture isn't the same as the amazon.

And are these cards viable for getting 60 fps on all low on modern games. I'm more of a strategy game guy, so I'm not picky. But an occasional BF4 isn't out of the question.
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  1. Woudl really appreciate someone clearing this up for me.. Is the difference just in overclocking?
  2. go for Ghz edition , not much price difference between the normal and ghz edition
    refer below
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    I just checked out and found that there is only one difference in Ghz edition that is Flex technology in which you can connect low cost dvi monitors in landscape or portrait mode if you are using dual or triple monitors and nothing else. :)
  4. Alright, thanks :]
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