PLS help me choose this given processors n GPU

i3 4130 / i3 3220=GTX650TI / GTX660/TI / GTX750TI / R7 260X / R9 270/X / GTX 760

FX6300 / FX4300 / FX8320 / A10 5800K / A8 6600K=GTX650TI / GTX660/TI / GTX750TI / R7 260X / R9 270/X / GTX 760

I5 3470 / I5 4440 / I5 3350P=GTX650TI / GTX660 / GTX750TI / R7 260X / R9 270

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  1. I love the "GTX750TI" give you great bang for the buck. I also like the "I5 3470". I know it is an older chip but there is something about those 3rd gen chips.
  2. Is there a question here?

    The fastest CPU is the I5 4440 and very close to the I5 3470.
    The fastest video card is the GTX 660Ti, followed closely by the GTX 760 follower by the R9 270X
  3. so which is the best pair
  4. They don't pair in any way, you get the fastest you can afford of each.
  5. um im building a new pc so i dont know wat cpu n gpu should i use
  6. Didn't I answer that question?

    You didn't give a budget, so I gave you the order of what is better.
    If money is no object I5 4440 with a 660Ti.

    If you are stuck with the combos you posted then get the I5 4440 with the R9 270

    To me the best bang for your buck is an i5 4670 with a GTX 760.
    Any more than that and you are paying a lot for a little gain.
  7. well in malaysia i3=380 FX/APU=370-520 i5=600+ budget is 1320 MYR for the gpu n cpu
  8. You can juggle the numbers, but you can skimp on the CPU, a little and get the best graphics card with what is left over.
    Gaming need the best GPU you can afford.
    Any of those CPUs will handle most games.
  9. fx 6300 or i3 4130/3220 or fx 8320 or even the fx 4300
  10. Best answer
    The i3 is the fastest on 2 cores. @54watts

    The fx4300 @ 95 watts is about the same speed when all 4 cores are used, and half the speed on 2 cores.

    The fx 8320 @ 125 watts is twice as fast as the other 2 but it takes all 8 cores running at the same time to do it.
    So in 2 core operations the i3 is twice as fast.

    The only reason, and it is slim, to go with an 8 core AMD, is for video editing, or other multi core intensive programs
    No game uses 8 cores to my knowledge

    AFAIK most games still use 1 or 2 cores, but that is changing slowly.
    I flight Sim, and it only uses 2 cores, so hands down I would go with the I3 with those choices.
    I choose to go with an I5 though
  11. i see
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