Building a new system need help on some parts

I plan on building a new system and will mainly be doing Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and, After Affects. I would be doing some gaming like battle field, Batman and, Starcraft2. The system that I was looking at is;

Motherboard Asus VI Hero
Cpu Intel I7 4770k
Cooler Corsair h100i
Case Corsair 750d
Graphics Asus GTX 770 ???
SSD Corsair Neutron Series 128GB SSD
HDD WD Black 2 TB

I am still trying to figure out what I should get for the ram I'm planning on 16 gigs definitely. Just don't know whether not I should go with a gtx 770 sli configuration or not.
Thank you ahead of time.
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  1. instead of sli get a single powerful card like gtx 780 or ti version

    ram 1866mhz cl9 2x 8gb
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