can my pc run the latest msi twinforce gaming edition 750 ti 2gb oc card?

Hi, I actually wanted to know wether my pc can run big games like crysis3,bf4,gta 4 and the latest games at high settings with the 750 ti card...

My pc configurations:

Motherboard: Intel dg41wv microAtx form factor with
dualchannel supporting max 4gb ram and pcie 2.0 x 16 graphics connector

Processor: Intel pentium dual core e5500 2.80 ghz

Psu: 450 watts zebronics psu

Ram: 4 gb ddr3 ram

Hard disk: 500 gb hard disk

OS: Windows 7 32-bit

Display: 18.5"(max res: 1366x768)

These are my pc configs
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  1. with that resolution
    mid to high settings
    but ur psu is not of good quality
  2. ur cpu may bottleneck the gpu
  3. Will replacing the psu resolve the issue? And I don't know much about these stuff..what is bottlenecking?
  4. bottlenecking means the other parts of computer wont b using the full potential of the cards
    generally cpu like urs will hold the new gpu from working with its full potential
  5. Would there be any progress by oc my processor?
  6. yea oc can help but not that much
    u can still play games mid to high settings as resolution play a role here
    with 1366x768 resolution u can max out games
  7. Ok coming back to psu could u suggest a good psu for my pc
  8. Yea and speaking about psu..can u suggest a good psu for my system under that it would be useful for future upgrades!

    I have searched on flipkart and found this one corsair vs550 w psu...would this be enough?
  10. the vs series of corsair have bad capacitors
  11. Are you sure that 450w psu is enough for any future upgrade?
  12. future upgrade like?
  13. Nothing just incase if I upgrade my processor n mobo
  14. yea it can easily handle ur mobo and processor upgrade
  15. Ok and yea I have just 1 last question...hope u won't mind! Many sites are displaying that a 350w or 450w psu is enough for this what is the problem with my psu..? Is it too old? To not match the gpu? Or any other reason..?
  16. 350w for a 80+ certified psu with current rating req by that gpu
    450w to b on safer side just not get overloaded
    ur zebronics psu current rating are not good!
  17. Thanx man!! Thank u very much for clearing my questions!! :)

    Just this is the last one i've just plzz tel me which is the bestbuy among antec and this coolermaster....?
  19. Best answer
  20. Thank u man! U're replies helped me very much!!! Thanks!!!!
  21. U welcome !
    select the best answer and close the thread :)
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