need help over the graphics card power supply

I've recently bought a sapphire r7 250x and it requires a 6 pin pcie connector.... which my psu doesn't has....... a single 3 pin to 6 pin connector came with the card..... I wanted to ask whether this cable would be able to power the card or do i need to get a dual 3pin to 6 pin connector or a new psu with 6 pin pcie connector......
Please tell me the best option..... I obviously don't want my card to.get damaged..
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  1. use the one with your card as long as your psu can handle it.what psu do you have and what is your setup?
  2. You have to use this adapter to run you graphics card
    Also make sure that your PSU is sufficient to run R7 250!
  3. It's a pretty basic one....... Core2duo.... 4 gb ram motherboard is from msi it's ddr3 1 hdd 1 optical drive and the psu is a 450w it came with the case....i was wondering that this psu would be appropriate as the rig is basic and would not require much power
  4. the psu is ok it should run i estimated it at about 350 watt so you should be ok.
    if the pc refuses to start grab a better psu most of the times the psu provided with the case is low quality and does not output the displayed wattage.
  5. So i should give it a try..... And what would be the worst thing that could happen....
  6. yes give it a try.
    the worst thing is the pc will not start and you will need to remove the gpu or buy a new psu.
  7. Thank you for your support..... And how would I know that the gpu is getting the required power from the single 3pin to 6 pin connector .. Or i should get a dual 3 pin to 6 pin connector
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    your gpu does not consume a lot of power it should be able to power up without a 6 pin connection in theory through the motherboard.the reason it has a 6 pin is so you can be able to overclok it.
    why else would the manufacture include it in there if it was not going to work with it.
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