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My computer was shutting off when playing high-intensity games. Replaced the PSU and problem still happens with same frequency. Replaced the graphics card and only started shutting off when playing games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and when installing World of Warcraft from a disc, but no problems when downloading the same game. It shuts off like the power went out and no error message pops up after turning the PC back on, not even the "Windows Shut Down Unexpectedly" message. I used this PC in two different locations, so the wiring in each house is not the problem.

Brought it to Geek Squad after trying to figure it out myself and their diagnostics said nothing was wrong. Any suggestions?
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    Man that is a tough one could be many different things especially since the genius' at bestbuy told you nothing was wrong. I would guess overheating issues (maybe?) the ram overheating? Do you have heat spreaders on your ram? Have your monitored the temperatures of your CPU and GPU as well? coretemp works well for CPU and EVGA precision is good for Nvidia based cards. I hope that helps thats all I got.
  2. What are your components? Brand and model of everything you can list (psu, HDD, motherboard, etc.).
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