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Hello all,

I'm in need of a new headset. My old Turtle Beach cans from 2008 finally bit the dust. I'm a pretty heavy PC gamer and I also listen to and record a lot of music (death/black metal, mostly). I need some headphones that would accomplish both tasks - good audio monitoring/listening on the go and good gaming sound/mic. Preferably over-ear. Can't stand buds. I'm looking for something under $150. Any suggestions?
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  1. I have a set of these and really rate them.
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    Better then any gaming "headset" on that budget go with professional audiophiles headphone rather then headset as they lacks the audio quality to fit in the mic. If you would stretvh the budget you could get the Sennheiser HD 598 or the AKG Q701 which are very great for gaming. If you want to monitor go with the 598/Q701 as the AD700 have a very weak to no bass.

    As for the mic, the Modmic is an attachable boom microphone that you could mount on your headphones so it acts like a gaming headset but with a better audio quality and a better mic. If you would like to get the Modmic i recommend waiting for the 4.0 version which should be releasing in Q1.
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