please tell me how to over clock my laptop which has intel core i3??!

my laptop has nvidia geforce 710m and an i3 processor . i think over clocking would be the best way to run all the high end games.
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    You can't overclock on any i3, or any mobile processors.
    Intel won't let you
    Even if it was possible you would run in to ridiculous thermal buildup, and dangerously high temps

    If you have a 1-2ghz i3, unfortunately that's all it can be.

    Although the real limiting factor to playing games is the graphics, a gtx 710m has 96graphics cores. A 770 (a good card for modern gaming) has 1536 cores.
    Laptops were never meant for gaming above minecraft
  2. He speaks the truth no overclocking of mobile platforms, you must shell out some more clams sorry :(
  3. You can't oc your cpu, but undervolting would keep it cooler. And sure you can play games with 710m (you can even oc your gpu).

    I played bf3 almost two years with a laptop that had first generation i5 and 415m, which had 48 cuda cores, and those were on fermi architecture, not kepler.
  4. You started 2 different threads about this. Rly?
  5. you should not oc. It causes the laptop not turn on
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