Asus P6X58D-E Sound issues

Hi guys (and girls)!

My P6X58D-E recently died so I bought another off eBay, seeing as I had all the bits for it and they were fine.

However, the new board was sold untested and spares or repairs. Not too much of a problem as it works fine.

With one exception. I can't get any sound out of it. Well I can, but only via Bluetooth.

So here is the scenario. When I plug a cable into the green audio out port on the back of the board nothing happens, the board doesn't even register that there is anything connected. I've tried downloading the latest drivers from Asus to no avail. So, I thought I would use my case's front audio port. No luck! All I get is static. So I checked the connector. Asus state that the Audio jumper on the board is set to HD Audio by default so I have hooked up the HD Audio cable as opposed to the AC'97 cable and switched them around in the vain hope that maybe it was stuck in AC'97 and not HD Audio but alas no luck.

My case is an ATX/M-ATX, however my board is very 'snug' so to speak.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get this problem fixed? I have a feeling it's not the rear port that is causing the problem with the fact that the front port doesn't work and it used to with a different board in
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    Check in Device Manager under the relevant category. If there are no errors or unknown devices shown, you can assume that the on-board sound chip has failed. Easiest fix is buy a PCI sound card.

    It amazes me how many people with device or driver issues never think to look for clues in Device Manager before posting, or if they do look they fail to mention it.
  2. Thanks! I've checked, double and triple checked Device Manager and no issues displayed. I feared it would be the sound chip. Never mind, it was a bargain of a board anyways.

    I bought a USB sound card from Amazon for 0.95p, just waiting for that to arrive to see how that works
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