My Vista laptop and Panasonic v (also Goodmans tv) worked fine with HDMI cable. NOW IT DOES NOT ! Ibought a new cable(just in

Looking for answers why my HDMI cable connection etc does not work anymore
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  1. There is no "if generic Vista laptop doesn't work with Panasonic generic tv over HDMI" do ABC, as there can be any number of issues from the port the HDMI plugs into is 'broke' , drivers need updating, your system is infected, to any other hundreds of other things.

    Honestly there is no 'fixes' for Vista as it hasn't supported (no patches, drivers and such) for years. This means you couldn't go to XYZ website and 'just reinstall drivers'. Consider this and IF the HDMI port is broken, well either case would warrant replacing the laptop (Walmart i3 laptop $249) because if you say 'upgraded' to the current supported Windows 8, is $179.
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