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I am having the same problem, my only admin user account is not showing when I go to control panel users account, no users except the guest, which is not an admin. I don't see the option of creating a new user account.
When I restart my computer, and I enter my password, I get a message stating that the user profile cannot load. I went to hard drive c, users, the folder that has my name has 0 bytes. Doesn't that mean that my account is deleted? It happened overnight when my computer was restarted by itself. How can I recover it or at least have access to my files? I read other replies stating that admin accounts cannot be deleted, well it happened to me. Can a virus cause that? is it something in the settings? Please help!
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  1. If you are not an admin of the computer, Windows doesn't let you see the size of the folder, that you do not have access/rights to view.

    Try booting up into Safe Mode to see if it lets you login that way with admin rights. if one Safe mode does not work, try another Safe Mode.
  2. I tried to reboot in the Safe Mode by clicking on F8 for few seconds right before windows was restarting, but I don't think it did go to Safe Mode. Not sure though. How can I try another Safe Mode?
  3. What I meant was, try the different listed Safe Mode choices: Safe Mode; Safe Mode With Networking; or Safe Mode with Command Prompt, because sometimes one will work but not the others.
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    You can always remove the hard drive from the computer case, and hook it up as a second drive in another computer and access your files that way.
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