New Build Won't Post

Hi all,
Here's the new build.

Coolermaster Elite 120 Adv Case (miniITX)
Gigabyte GA-H87N-WIFI Mobo
Intel i3-4130 LGA1150 Processor
Coolermaster EX2 525 Power Supply
2x Kingston KHX1600C9D3K2 2 gigabyte RAM
Samsung 840 EVO 120G SSD

Here's the problem. Keep in mind it's my first build.

I've read the manual hooked everything up, powered run for a few seconds then stop then on then off then on.

Here's my trouble shooting.
Verified 24 pin power cable attached to MOBO.
Verified 4 pin ATX power cable attached to MOBO.
Stand offs are installed.
Tried booting with only one RAM stick installed and with two.
CPU fan is plug in.
CPU is installed correctly.
Note: I don't have a video card. Just using the motherboard HDMI cable to monitor.
Checked PSU is good by jumper from ground to black. Seems to work fine.
I'm at my wits end. Any ideas would be appreciated. Do you think my MOBO is fudged?

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  1. yes it can be a faulty motherboard.
  2. Thanks ModernWarfare, I'll see if I can return it.
    I should add that I have tried to reset by removing the battery for a minute and replacing. Also tried resetting using a jumper. No go.
  3. Exactly, i'd say return it and im sure you will have luck :).
  4. BEFORE you send it back. take out the cpu and look at the socket and carefully see if theres any bent pins.
  5. I've checked the pins and they are fine. I'll request a return. Thanks.
  6. Good luck. let me know how it goes ;)
  7. Haha, just checked the socket and indeed there was one bent pin. Didn't see it the first time. Worse yet I tried to straighten it and I busted it off. ARGHHHH!
    This means I'm screwed doesn't it? One motherboard down the drain. My fault. Can one busted pin ruin the whole board?
  8. Best answer
    yes indeed what a loss. atleast i knew what was wrong.
  9. F*&%
    Lesson learned, thanks for your help. I'm off to get another board.
  10. good luck. And please be careful i really feel sorry for you :(.
  11. Success! Just got a new mobo from a local supplier. Plugged everything in....carefully...and it works.
    My budget HTPC ain't so "budget" anymore but I'm happy it's up and running. Now to set the BIOS appropriately, add Windows 8 and I'm laughing.
    Thanks again.
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