Is a 4GB Radeon R9 270X strong enough to play eyefinity games at 5040x1050?

Hello! I recently purchased a Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X 4GB and a second 1680x1050 monitor so I could play games on eyefinity (mostly Battlefield 4). What I didn't realize was that the cross-hairs would be right in between both monitors. Now I know that I need a 3rd monitor to properly play fps games win eyefinity. I am ready to buy a third 1680x1050 monitor, but I want to know if my graphics card is strong enough to handle the 3 monitors, which will add up to 5040x1050 pixels. Is my card strong enough? Thanks for the help!!!

Will it be string enough in medium setting or maybe medium/high?
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  1. It's only "strong enough" if your expectations are realistic. With a single 270x, you will NOT be able to run most games at above medium or so settings with playable performance. You would need a second card if you want to run at that resolution while also enabling higher quality image settings.
  2. no dude get a gtx 770 that will do
  3. Just get another 270x, or return the current one and get r9 290 or 290x
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