Windows User Accounts and Family Safety

I'm using Windows Family Safety (FS) to manage my children's access to their computers. They each have a computer. I use the same Windows User Account (UA) name on each computer. At one point in time FS worked the same way on both computers.

At some point in time one computer stopped being restricted and monitored by FS. That was before I upgraded to 64-bit on both computers. After the upgrade same situation. One restricted, one not.

After the upgrade I used Windows Easy Transfer to move their files back to each computers so I am guessing that whatever is causing this problem exists in the settings that Easy Transfer transfers.

I have deleted the UA from the unrestricted computer, but not the files. When I started the deletion I was told that the files would be saved in a folder on the desktop. The folder was created but it is empty. I checked the drive using Windows Explorer and in the user directory the folder with the old user name is there in the Users folder as are the files.

I have researched how to delete a user account and have looked into the registry and did not to find a registry entry with the offending account name. After I deleted the account I ran a couple of registry cleaners for "good" measure.

On the Family Safety website I set Time Curfews and blocked applications that are only on the unrestricted computer.

I set the UA up again. Gave it a password. Set restrictions. Associated it with the restricted FS profile. And was able to log in and use everything that is restricted in that profile.

The supposedly restricted account on that computer acts as if it is unrestricted EXCEPT if I try to install something or use an app that requires Administrator privileges I have to enter the Administrator password.

I think that at some point in time I may have changed an account by the same name that I am now using for the account I am trying to restrict from a Standard user account to an Administrator account to try to fix some application start up issues we were having. I then changed it back to a Standard user. That is why I was poking around in the registry to see if there was some old entry for that account indicating that it still had Administrator privileges.

I am pretty sure I also deleted the FS profile and then added it back. The restricted computer is still and always has been restricted, and the unrestricted remained unrestricted.

Any thoughts? Where can that piece of code that is telling Family Safety not to restrict this User Account on this computer be hiding?
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  1. Not the answer but this is getting weirder and weirder.

    At this point I am having trouble comparing settings with the restricted computer since its monitor died and to use the system I have to switch the monitor back and forth between the systems. AND when I connect to the restricted computer I can't access the start menu search box to "View Parental Controls Setting For Your Account." But I was able to view someplace else that Parental Controls are "On, enforce current settings" for the restricted computer but not for the unrestricted one.

    I have been searching for how to turn on Parental Controls and every single result says the same thing. The only problem, on the unrestricted computer there is no way to follow the instructions since the options they say to turn on don't exist.

    I am looking into the Parental Controls service which was not Started and will get back after I've fiddled with that for awhile but it isn't looking good at this point in time.

    I have tried setting the Parental Controls to (none) instead of Windows Family Safety. I then get an error message telling me "Unable to make changes to your Parental Controls settings. See your system administrator if the problem persists." I put up a mirror behind the monitor so that I could see my system administrator but he just keeps cursing and flipping off the computer.

    I did do a sfc /scannow and the scan found corrupted files. I'm trying to figure out if any of the files are related to Parental Controls and how to fix the corrupted files. It doesn't look like a particularly easy fix since I'm not sure I have the right type of installation disk.

    Or maybe the User Profiles are corrupt, at least the Administrator one. One of the posts I found said they created a new Administrator profile and still couldn't make things work.

    It is looking like maybe a complete hard disk wipe and fresh install. By the time I get around to doing that the kids will have moved out of the house!
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